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TICONN RFID Blocking Cards (4 Pack), Premium Contactless NFC Debit Credit Card Passport Protector Blocker Set for Men & Women, Smart Slim Design Perfectly fits in Wallet/Purse. On the buy page, click the checkbox to apply coupon before checkout and Save 8%
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Card Genie RFID Metal Wallet - Metal Card Holder for Men & Women with Free Luxury Gift Box and Free PDF Travel Guide - Ejector Credit Card Holder Wallet to Keep Your Cards Secure (Rose Gold)
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£32.89 UK £11.75 Card Genie RFID Metal Wallet
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Faraday pruducts are made from material that blocks electric fields from passing through it. Smartphones have a ton of different built-in radios: GSM, CDMA, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, wifi, bluetooth, NFC, GPS, and others. Each of these communicates wirelessly by sending and receiving information through the air.
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Prices for as low as US $1.00 Faraday pruducts
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Faraday pruducts are made from material that blocks electric fields from passing through it. Smartphones have a ton of different built-in radios: GSM, CDMA, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, wifi, bluetooth, NFC, GPS, and others. Each of these communicates wirelessly by sending and receiving information through the air.
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Prices for as low as UK £6.79 Faraday pruducts

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The latest dystopian science and technology news, developments and trending headlines from around the world.

Sex robots and VR: Here’s how digitalisation is changing our sexuality


SEX as we know it is about to change. We are already living through a new sexual revolution, thanks to technologies that have transformed the way we relate to each other in our intimate relationships. But we believe that a second wave of sexual technologies is now starting to appear, and that these are transforming how some people view their very sexual identity.
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Amid tech turmoil, celebration at global electronics show

- By Rob Lever

The Consumer Electronics Show offered a chance to showcase the newest and shiniest gadgetry, looking past the turmoil engulfing the global technology industry. The annual Las Vegas gathering with more than 4,500 exhibitors brings out about 175,000 attendees searching for innovations of the future. For an industry facing unprecedented turbulence, the hope is that what happens in Vegas does not stay in Vegas after it closes, but filters into the world where consumers can adopt new technologies for health, communication, transportation, the home and lifestyles.
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Delivering the goods: Drones and robots are making their way to your door

- By CBS

It's morning in Berkeley, California, and the Kiwibots are heading off to work. These four-wheeled robots navigate sidewalks and even crosswalks taking food to hungry college students. "This is the future," said Kiwibots CEO Felipe Chávez. It's a real-world test of robot delivery that sometimes collides with reality. The reality today is that delivery is a bigger business than ever. With online shopping, it's estimated the U.s. Postal Service, FedEx and UPS will process, sort and deliver more than two billion packages between Thanksgiving and New Year's Eve. Amazon's own fleet of delivery trucks is expected to handle 275 million holiday season shipments.
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The Decade Tech Turned Dystopian

- By Eric Newcomer

We took silly personality quizzes on Facebook Inc. that made Cambridge Analytica possible. We bought phones that tracked our locations everywhere we went. We plugged in smart speakers that sent recordings of our most intimate moments to humans overseas for transcription. We downloaded apps and plug-ins with reckless abandon. We installed security cameras everywhere. We clicked through terms of services without reading. We agreed to do whatever it took to make those pesky red badges on our phones go away. We are complicit in the corporate surveillance state we inhabit.
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Alienated, Alone And Angry: What The Digital Revolution Really Did To Us

- By Laurent Hrybyk

In April 1997, Wired magazine published a feature with the grand and regrettable title “Birth of a Digital Nation.” It was a good time to make sweeping, sunny pronouncements about the future of the United States and technology. The US stood alone astride the globe. Its stock market was booming. Microsoft was about to become the world’s most valuable company, a first for a tech firm. A computer built by IBM was about to beat the world chess champion at his own game.
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Apple wants to bypass carriers and beam internet data directly to iPhones via satellites


Lookout Verizon, AT&T, and any other carrier out there: Apple is working on a way to bypass carriers and beam internet and other data directly to iPhones. That’s according to a report from Bloomberg that says the initiative is “a company priority” for Tim Cook. According to the report, Apple has “a secret team” of engineers specializing in aerospace, satellites, and antenna design working on the project
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Meet the creepy robots poised to take over the world

- By Paula Froelich

The robot uprising forged in the “Terminator” movies is one step closer to reality. On Thursday, Toyota debuted its new, upgraded humanoid robot, the T-HR3, which is controlled remotely by someone wearing a headset and wiring on their arms. Toyota claims that in the future, this machine, which is smoother, lighter and easier to use than past models, could be used “to perform surgery in a distant place where a doctor cannot travel. It also might allow people to feel like they’re participating in events they can’t actually attend,” according to the ssociated Press.
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Robots humble US Army in wargames


How big a difference does it make when you reinforce foot troops with drones and ground robots? You get about a 10–fold increase in combat power, according to a recent Army wargame. “Their capabilities were awesome,” said Army Capt. Philip Belanger, a Ranger Regiment and Stryker Brigade veteran who commanded a robot-reinforced platoon in nearly a dozen computer-simulated battles at the Fort Benning’s Maneuver Battle Lab. “We reduced the risk to US forces to zero, basically, and still were able to accomplish the mission.”
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Consumers appear excited for a virtual future, including digital taste and smell

- By Fabrizio Bulleri

The end of the decade marks a point to look at the past and see everything that has been technologically advanced in the world. These last 10 years have left us with new tools that have not yet changed our lives as much as some might of expected, but the next 10 years could hold much more innovation. It is normal that we ask ourselves what progress we will make by 2030. The Ericsson company did not wait and surveyed consumer trends to get an idea of what we expect from this new decade.
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Strange Things Are Happening In The Waters Along The West Coast, And The Fish Are Starting To Disappear

- By Michael Snyder

Something is causing the waters just off the west coast to heat up dramatically, fish are dying off in staggering numbers, birds that feed on those fish are also dying off rapidly, and scientists have discovered 15,000 holes in the ocean floor off the coast of California. Oh, and scientists don’t know for certain why any of these things are happening. Unfortunately, the mainstream media is not emphasizing this crisis, and so most Americans don’t even know what is going on.
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Time travel without paradoxes is possible with many parallel timelines

- By Chelsea Whyte

Would-be time travellers have long wrestled with the grandfather paradox: if you change things in the past and prevent yourself ever existing, how did you time travel in the first place? In other words, if Alice goes back in time and kills her grandfather Bob, she won’t have been born and can’t carry out her murderous plot. One way to avoid such paradoxes is the idea of branching universes, in which the universe we are in splits with each instance of time travel, creating two different universes...
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Earth Enters Unknown as Magnetic North Pole Continues Push Toward Russia, Crosses Greenwich Meridian

- By Sputnik Tech

Earlier this year, US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the British Geological Survey (BGS) were forced to update the World Magnetic Model a year ahead of schedule due to the speed with which the magnetic north pole is shifting out of the Canadian Arctic and toward Russia’s Siberia.
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US Navy 'covered up' new technology by saying USS Nimitz UFO was unidentified

- By Simon Green

The US Navy purposely covered up their own state-of-the-art technology by labelling the USS Nimitz UFO as “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena”, conspiracy theorists have claimed. The Nimitz incident in 2004 has become one of the most famous pieces of UFO footage in history, with dozens of pilots and witnesses coming out since with incredible detail on the “craft”.
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AI to Check if Patients Are Taking Their Medications

- By Agam Shah

Cigna Corp. plans to expand a system that uses artificial intelligence to identify gaps in treatment of chronic diseases, such as patients skipping their medications, and deliver personalized recommendations for specific patients. The product, called Health Connect 360, integrates data from a combination of sources and analytical tools, some developed at Cigna and others brought in as part of its $54 billion acquisition of pharmacy-benefit manager Express Scripts Holding Co., completed late last year.
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AI puts final notes on Beethoven's Tenth Symphony

- By Mathieu FOULKES

A few notes scribbled in his notebook are all that German composer Ludwig van Beethoven left of his Tenth Symphony before his death in 1827. Now, a team of musicologists and programmers is racing to complete a version of the piece using artificial intelligence, ahead of the 250th anniversary of his birth next year. "The progress has been impressive, even if the computer still has a lot to learn," said Christine Siegert, head of archives at Beethoven House in the composer's hometown of Bonn.
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Walmart will test driverless grocery deliveries in Houston

- By Jon Fingas

Walmart is about to experiment with autonomous grocery delivery in a big way. The big-box retailer is launching a pilot program in Houston that will use Nuro's self-driving R1 vehicle to shuttle food from "select" stores to customers who've opted into the program. The companies didn't outline how customers would enroll, but Houstonians can expect service to start in the "coming weeks."
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- By Mac Slavo

According to Roey Tzezana, a future studies researcher at Israel’s Tel Aviv University, technology will continue to advance, and therefore, so will automation. As this happens, the gap between the wealthy and the poor will increase as the middle class fades into nonexistence. According to Haaretz, this is the grim reality Tzezana sees for our future: one without jobs or purpose. He argues that the jobs that will survive automation will be lower-paying, unskilled laboring jobs.
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Silicon Valley startup just shipped 40,000 pounds of butter 2,800 miles from California to Pennsylvania in under three days using a freight truck mostly driving itself, The Mercury News reports (a safety driver made sure to take over in case of emergencies while an engineer observed operations as well). “We wanted to demonstrate the safety, reliability and maturity of our overall system,” co-founder Shawn Kerrigan told the paper.
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- By Mac Slavo

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is teaming up with the “highly efficient” post office to make sure they’ve got your fingerprints. Even though it wasn’t that long ago that people were warned of sharing their DNA with ancestry sites, it seems they might have reason to be concerned now about the FBI’s desire to snag your fingerprints too. Now, the government has announced a new program in which they hope people will voluntarily give their fingerprints.
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- By Anthony Cuthbertson

Elon Musk has revealed more details about the Tesla Cyberquad ATV but said the company would never build an electric road bike. The electric quadbike was first unveiled alongside the Tesla Cybertruck last month, though very little information was provided about the vehicle. Taking questions on Twitter on Sunday, the Tesla boss said the electric ATV would launch at the same time as the electric truck.
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James Bond-style luxury super yacht that could transform into a SUBMARINE


The key to being a James Bond-style evil genius is having a top-secret lair — but assuring freedom from prying eyes and pesky spies as you plot total world domination can be a challenge. A solution may lie in a new luxury super yacht being developed in Italy that can double as a submarine — assuring complete privacy for the rich, famous or villainous as it descends discretely beneath the waves.
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Human beat AI in first-ever Drone Racing League showdown


The Drone Racing League recently held its first Human VS AI match, pitting a drone helmed by AI developed by Delft University of Technology’s MavLab against one flown by human pilot Gabriel Kocher. Despite early race hype, MavLab’s machine took a big “L” as Kocher flew away with the victory, running the course in half the time it took the AI.
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'World's first' fully-electric commercial flight takes off

- By BBC

An all-electric powered seaplane has taken flight in Vancouver, Canada, in what the operators describe as a "world first" for the aviation industry. The short test flight by Harbour Air and magniX involved a six-passenger aircraft fitted with an electric motor. The companies said it was a first step to building the "world's first all-electric commercial fleet".
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China set to roll out 'Orwellian' mass surveillance tool

- By Bill Gertz

China is developing a new high-tech system of mass surveillance and coercion aimed suppressing political dissent among its 1.4 billion people, while forcing American and Western businesses to conform to the government’s communist policies if they want to operate there. The massive system has been tested in several major Chinese cities and uses millions of surveillance cameras linked to supercomputers containing massive databases.
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AI robot that had a meltdown on ISS received some upgrades

- By Mike Wehner

SpaceX was finally able to launch its Dragon cargo spacecraft to the International Space Station this week after the initial launch was scrubbed due to poor weather conditions. The spacecraft is carrying a whole bunch of neat stuff to the ISS, including an upgraded version of an AI-powered floating robot that lost its cool when interacting with its astronaut handler.
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New York City has chosen this trash can of the future


The city of New York is home to more than 23,000 trash cans, which are prominently displayed on street corners. It’s a charming side effect of an urban grid that was planned over 200 years ago to have no alleys for tucking away garbage, unlike cities like Chicago. That means New Yorkers must live with their refuse day-to-day—it also means that the NYC Department of Sanitation takes the entire design of trash disposal seriously, from how the cans look, to how they get lifted and dumped into a truck.
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Coolest Cooler shuts down after 5-year saga


Like warm beers around the campfire, the saga involving the infamous Kickstater project Coolest Cooler took another sad turn over the weekend as the company announced it was shutting down operations and won’t be fulfilling orders for thousands of backers. CEO Ryan Grepper, creator of the product which combined an ordinary cooler with a blender and a bluetooth speaker.
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Elon Musk whacks traffic pylon in Tesla Cybertruck

- Sean Szymkowski

California locals should keep their eyes open because Elon Musk is apparently piloting a Tesla Cybertruck on local roads. The electric pickup truck was his vehicle of choice as he arrived at a famed Japanese restaurant in the Los Angeles area, TMZ reported on Sunday. Video and photos show the Tesla CEO arriving and leaving the restaurant in futuristic style.
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China tells government offices to remove all foreign computer equipment

- By Kate Lyons

China has ordered that all foreign computer equipment and software be removed from government offices and public institutions within three years, the Financial Times reports. The government directive is likely to be a blow to US multinational companies like HP, Dell and Microsoft and mirrors attempts by Washington to limit the use of Chinese technology, as the trade war between the countries turns into a tech cold war.
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World’s first human composting site to open

- By Vincent Wood

The world’s first funeral home dedicated to composting human beings is set to open in 2021 – allowing those left behind to turn their dearly departed into soil. US ‘deathcare’ company Recompose will be able to turn the deceased into a cubic yard of soil over a period of as little as 30 days, using one-eighth of the energy of cremation and saving as much as a metric ton of carbon dioxide from being produced compared to other forms of burial.
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Silicon Valley’s psychedelic wonder drug is almost here


A new startup called MindMed could have the key to providing the upsides of psychedelic drugs for both focus and addiction treatment—while cutting out the downsides of tripping. Scientists have been aware of the potential of LSD and psilocybin (the psychoactive component in mushrooms) as addiction killers for decades. Outside of the lab, too, people have been experimenting with various psychedelics to cure drug addiction since the 1960s.
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Why The Future Needs Us

- By Daniel Taylor

AI tyranny to be “built into the software that runs our society”. The future needs real humans with a conscience and the ability to question authority. In 2000, Bill Joy of Sun Microsystems wrote an articled titled Why the Future Doesn’t Need Us that detailed the anti-human worldview of the elite. If we are to believe Elon Musk, Ray kurzweil and other top Transhumanists, we will need to merge with the machines in order to survive.
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Pig monkey hybrids created in China genetics lab in bizarre world first

- By Michael Moran

Chinese scientists have created pig monkey hybrids – paving the way to a future in which human organs could be custom-grown in animals for transplant. “This is the first report of full-term monkey-pig chimeras”, Tang Hai at the State Key Laboratory of Stem Cell and Reproductive Biology in Beijing told New Scientist.
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DARPA Wants Smart Suits to Protect Against Biological Attacks

- By Brandi Vincent

A new program aims to usher in a modern military ensemble that can provide 100% survival against lethal exposure from multiple chemical and biological agents. The Pentagon's research arm — the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency — wants to accelerate the development of innovative textiles and smart materials to better and more comfortably protect humans from chemical and biological threats.
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Surveillance State: Toilet Cams in Primary Schools

- By TruePublica

Unfortunately, it’s not a new story – toilet camera’s in school toilets or changing rooms. The excuse being used is either to stop bullying or vandalism. And just like the surveillance state intrudes on every aspect of our lives due to ‘national security’, the panopticon architecture of life in Britain is basically over-reach by the state, a self-imposed paranoia common to everyday life in Britain.
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Google co-founders step aside as Pichai takes helm of parent Alphabet

- By Paresh Dave

Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin are stepping aside as leaders of the Internet behemoth they founded 21 years ago, ending an extraordinary run that saw them build one of the world’s most valuable and influential companies.
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World’s first car that can fly and drive 'with a top speed of 200mph in the air and 100mph on the ground

- By Stacy Liberatore

It has been over century in the making, but the world's first 'fly and drive car' made its US debut Tuesday night in Miami, Florida. Called Pioneer Personal Air Landing Vehicle, or PAL-V, this flying vehicle is equipped with retractable overhead and rear propellers and can cruise at an altitude as high as 12,500 feet. It uses automobile gasoline and tops speeds of 200 miles per hour in the air and 100 mile per hour on the ground.
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China’s CRISPR babies: Read exclusive excerpts from the unseen original research

- By Antonio Regalado

Earlier this year a source sent MIT Technology Review a copy of an unpublished manuscript describing the creation of the first gene-edited babies, born last year in China. Today, we are making excerpts of that manuscript public for the first time. Titled “Birth of Twins After Genome Editing for HIV Resistance,” and 4,699 words long, the still unpublished paper was authored by He Jiankui, the Chinese biophysicist who created the edited twin girls. A second manuscript we also received discusses laboratory research on human and animal embryos.
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How neural networks work—and why they’ve become a big business


The last decade has seen remarkable improvements in the ability of computers to understand the world around them. Photo software automatically recognizes people's faces. Smartphones transcribe spoken words into text. Self-driving cars recognize objects on the road and avoid hitting them. Underlying these breakthroughs is an artificial intelligence technique called deep learning.
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Xiaomi Launches A Tiny Power Bank That Also Acts As A Hand Warmer

- By Kavita Iyer

Xiaomi is known for manufacturing popular smartphones, Mi bands, TVs and more. But, the Chinese tech company is also known for cool, unique devices and accessories. One such device launched by Xiaomi is “Maoxin Hand Warmer Power Bank” – a power bank that also doubles up as a hand warmer.
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