January 2020

Technology News Headlines

Sex robots and VR: Here’s how digitalisation is changing our sexuality


SEX as we know it is about to change. We are already living through a new sexual revolution, thanks to technologies that have transformed the way we relate to each other in our intimate relationships. But we believe that a second wave of sexual technologies is now starting to appear, and that these are transforming how some people view their very sexual identity.
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Amid tech turmoil, celebration at global electronics show

- By Rob Lever

The Consumer Electronics Show offered a chance to showcase the newest and shiniest gadgetry, looking past the turmoil engulfing the global technology industry. The annual Las Vegas gathering with more than 4,500 exhibitors brings out about 175,000 attendees searching for innovations of the future. For an industry facing unprecedented turbulence, the hope is that what happens in Vegas does not stay in Vegas after it closes, but filters into the world where consumers can adopt new technologies for health, communication, transportation, the home and lifestyles.
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